Our Story


Out of dreams, realities can be made that shape the way we think and do things for the better. Out of wishes, bridges can be made and societies can be built. Out of prayers, lives can change and humanity can be restored. But unfortunately for all of us, many of the wishes and prayers we make are not always fulfilled, leaving many dreams to burn out into wisps of smoke and letting others take their place. The thing is, wishes and prayers can be fulfilled if people gather together to help, so why not create a space where this can be achieved?



Aimen and Zameer, back in 2006, recognized this as a problem just waiting to be solved. Their solution: to create Wishbazaar, a free social platform where wishes and prayers can be created or granted by anyone in any corner of the world, regardless of the geographical or social boundaries that usually stand in the way. They wanted to create a space where people can make their dreams come true, their prayers be heard, and their wishes granted, because many wishes and prayers made that disappear could turn into something that may change the way we see and do things for the better. Wishbazaar was created from a desire to change the world through passing it forward, something most of us do on a daily basis, consciously or subconsciously. It is designed as a place to make your own impact in somebody’s life, regardless of your location or social/economic background, and it was created from a son’s passion to continue his father’s legacy forward.


Zameer’s father had a dream to build an eye hospital to help many who weren’t receiving the eye care they needed. He put all of his efforts for many, many years into this project, but unfortunately wasn’t able to fully complete it due to many occurrences that were out of his control. He did not give up his wish to impact society in his own way, though, and on top of his ongoing work to make his dream reality, he volunteered his time at other hospitals and organizations, working until his last day on this earth to make his impact and help improve the lives of others. Zameer recognized his father’s ongoing perseverance to forge his own path to make a difference and wanted to find a way to continue his father’s legacy. He and his wife, Aimen, were two technology buffs working marketing and technology jobs in the Silicon Valley, so they decided to combine their skills to create a space where life-changing moments can occur through collective actions and where dreams, wishes, and prayers can be fulfilled and come true. Finally, in 2006, after countless hours of time, money, and the passion to build a place where dreams can become reality, they created Wishbazaar. 


Every human on this earth at some point had a dream or made a wish or prayer, either to improve their life or those they care about. Many parents wish to create a legacy that their children carry forward into their future and all of us dream to be able to set our families up for success and happiness for generations to come, well past the time we leave the world we live in. We believe that through Wishbazaar, through the collective efforts of many, we can fulfill the prayers and wishes that can make these dreams reality. We can allow individuals the chance to make their own impacts and carry legacies forward. We can enable a change that will improve the lives of all who inhabit this earth and through passing it forward, we can help change the world.